This Homepage is the result of an idea, which was to create a useful domain by using acquired html skills, while providing a little more than the usual private homepage (with Family album, vacation photos, hobbies, etc.). 

In order to design such a site to be appropriately convincing, the allotted timeframe for completion was extremely generous. This will remain true in the future. My goal was to provide a homepage, which not only appealed to the viewer in an optical fashion, but also offered useful content, which challenged my personal web-development skills. In short, the site should also appeal to me as well. 

                 Due to the fact that this site was not intended to portray typically private content, you will not find personal information.                      For suggestions, opinions or general feedback, please feel free to contact me via the appropriate link on the main page.

         All pictures and render sequences on this page are the result of my personal creation, and may be used for personal reasons.                    If you intend to use them for professional purposes, my direct consent will be required.                  

                                      In order to proactively prevent legal issues, there are no links that point to other sites.                                                        It also does not feature a traditional guestbook or any type of banner advertising.                

The Domain name "Inter-State" was chosen solely for artistic purposes, since it was available at the time of the acquisition. It is neither associated nor affiliated with any other Organization or professional entity. It also does not intentionally attempt to associate itself with an equal or similar sounding domain on the internet, regardless of nationality.

In closing, I would like to use this opportunity to thank everyone, that assisted me in this endeavor, whether indirectly by supplying photographic material and equipment, or through technical know-how, creative ideas, and their useful feedback.

Color Calibration

2002 - 2006   -   Inter-State

Last UpDate  02/2006